WHEN YOU ORDER from us your chosen piece will be individually handmade for you, so we don’t make rash promises about delivery times. If we have difficulty obtaining any component we will let you know so that you can decide whether to wait  or cancel your order.  Click HERE for information about ordering.



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ALMOST EVERYTHING  we sell is designed and handmade*  here at GemZone using a wealth of natural materials such as silver, leather and wood to complement the natural gemstone which forms the basis of our jewellery. In addition we have a range of designer pieces incorporating freshwater pearls and coral. (Click HERE for more information about gemstones and pearls)
...exploiting the natural beauty of gemstone in our unique designer jewellery

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Exclusive designer gemstone jewellery from GemZone

THE RANGE and availability of our products is constantly changing, so remember to check the website regularly, especially our GALLERY and WHAT’S NEW? pages

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