Chakra jewellery collection; Sumitra designer necklace and bracelet of gemstone beads on leather
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GemZone unique handmade designer gemstone jewellery incorporating silver, leather and pearls
...exploiting the natural beauty of gemstone in our unique designer jewellery
Each item of silver chakra jewellery comes to you presented in a sumptuous satin lined box
What is a chakra? Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel, or vortex. It is used to describe each of the body’s main centres of energy, and for centuries people have been using crystals to help unblock and balance these energy centres.
Our extensive range of chakra jewellery unites the natural beauty of gemstones with what many believe to be their innate healing qualities. Each piece is based around the crystals which traditionally correspond to the body’s seven major chakras, then combined with silver or leather for a classic or contemporary look.