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Exclusive designer gemstone jewellery from GemZone
GemZone unique handmade designer gemstone jewellery incorporating silver, leather and pearls
...exploiting the natural beauty of gemstone in our unique designer jewellery
Exclusive designer gemstone jewellery from GemZone

Just part of our exquisite charm jewellery range!

Taking its name from the last emperor of the Incas, our Atahuallpa range has at its heart the fabulous, treasured turquoise of the South Americas.  For thousands of years turquoise was believed to impart good fortune to the wearer, and  was held to be a symbol of prosperity.  Associated with numerous myths and superstitions, it was known as ‘Chal-cui-hui-tal’, or ‘the highest and most valued thing in the world’. Today it is still one of the most highly prized stones and is traditionally given as a love token .